Server Temporarily Down (RESOLVED)

Server is back online as of 1605EST Sever is temporarily down while our host attempts to reconnect MySQL services! Our host is currently facing some difficulties with a database management called MySQL. Our server heavily relies on this database to store a multitude of information and will not run without a steady connection to it…. Read more »

Please do not use Alternate Accounts!

Alternate accounts have recently been caught utilizing public farms to quickly amass items. This is unfair for other players who only have access to one account and is only able to be at one place at any given time. We cannot ban alternate accounts automatically because many players share an IP address because they play… Read more »

Unscheduled Maintenance

Around 1500 GMT, our server crashed due to a plugin malfunction. We’ve since deleted the plugin and are back online. Please remember we post all updates on our Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Forums. The plugin in question does not affect players in any way as it was a maintenance plugin that the server no longer… Read more »

BH GPA Awards

We want YOU to show us how smart you are! School has started for many students this year. Our server welcomes people of all ages so we’re bound to have many students! We value your grades. It shows us you are working hard in real life. And to show you we value your grades, we… Read more »


As of 0700EST since the daily server restart, we have found a critical error in Prism that has caused our datasbase to fail which consequently caused griefprevention to fail as well. This meant that players experienced a full lack of claims. As we find this to be an essential part of the server, we have… Read more »

BlockHermit Lives

After long discussions and some personal contemplating, we have ultimately decided to keep the server alive. I want to thank all the players who have gone out of their way to drop off a note of love for the server, and I want to thank the current people involved in changing the server for the… Read more »

The Fate of BlockHermit

On Monday, July 3, while away on vacation, the server crashed. I was notified by a player via discord. We had just gotten back from being out at the beach and I had a huge smile on my face. This was my first vacation with my fiance. While my fiance washed up, I decided to… Read more »

Return to Market a bit Easier! (And other minor updates)

Our market region now has easy to use signs you can right-click to return to Market’s Region Pole. This should make buying, selling, and accessing the market easier overall! We’ve also added signs around the pole area in Market that directly links players to the forum so they can easily sign up and apply as… Read more »


There are many ways to be griefed, but you can protect yourself against most of these. Claims You can protect your properties by claiming it. If you don’t have enough claimblocks for what you want to build; place fences around the area you wish to own (but don’t go overboard). This will let other players… Read more »