Feature Region: Questmoor

Buckle up and grab yourself a parrot–we’re visiting the Questmoor Region, me hearties! We’re taking a closer look at Wout’s region, Questmoor, where dreams really do come true. In this busy Taiga biome you’ll find no short supply of dark oak trees, podzol, and imagination. At the region’s entrance you’ll find a nice collection of caged… Read more »

Server Temporarily Down [RESOLVED]

EDIT: Server is back online as of 8:23PM EST! As of 5:34PM EST, the server has inexplicably crashed. We do not currently know exactly what the issue is. As it is not a server sided problem, we cannot actively fix this issue. The host is having IP problems. We do not currently have an expected… Read more »

BH Games Weekend Extravaganza

Los_The_Hammer has been absent for a bit but now he’s back! In celebration, we are kicking off the weekend with some events! Here is the following schedule; please note that all times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) — convert as necessary. July 21 1800 – Free For All (FFA) III July 22 1100… Read more »

Tutorial, Money and our Economy

Block Hermit’s economy is powered by Rhines. The more you have, the greater the kinds items you can purchase. In order to earn Rhines on the server you have a few options:

Tutorial, Installing Optifine

With the release of dynamic lighting for OptiFine we’re getting more and more players asking how they can install it themselves and experience the game like the rest of us. Other features include Shader support, HD Textures, and most importantly, a boost in FPS for older systems.

Grief Prevention

There are many ways to be griefed, but you can protect yourself with these helpful features.

Father’s Day Event Boxes

Happy Father’s Day! Thank you to all the fathers of BlockHermit. You remind us to be patient with younger players and bring about a warmth to the overall community. For one week only, Father’s Day event boxes are available at Newtown. (June 10th – June 17th) Inside the event box, you will receive Father’s Day… Read more »

[RESOLVED] Scheduled Maintenance April 30th

There will be a full day of downtime on Monday April 30th as we make some major changes to our console and host. The server will be whitelisted for juniors and seniors during this time so we ask players please do not try to log on if they see the server online on Monday. Login… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Event

Whoa! Looks like a leprechaun stopped by the server and left his pot o’ gold! He was last sighted dancing the jig at Newtown’s Discotheque. Limited time only!